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Social Psychology Ch. 1 Review 0

Social Psychology Ch. 1 Review

Chapter Outline Characterizing Social Psychology Explaining Behavior Comparing Social Psychology with Related Disciplines The Power of the Situation The Milgram Experiment Seminarians as Samaritans The Fundamental Attribution Error Channel Factors The Role of Construal...

Paleo-hottie 0

The Paleo Movement

I stumbled upon an idea of life that I had never heard of before. Maybe some of you know about it or maybe not. It's called Paleo and its not just a diet, it's...

Quadratic Formula 0

C++: Quadratic Equation Solver

This little program I wrote for class, written in C++ it takes 3 inputs for a, b, and c and gives you the roots of the quadratic equation, pretty simple stuff. here you go...

Review Questions for Business Law on Ethics 0

Review Questions for Business Law on Ethics

Question 1 1 out of 1 points E-mails that are more than a few lines long, are broken up into two or more pieces, called e-bites. Selected Answer:  False Correct Answer:  False Question 2...

ruxcon logo 0

Ruxcon 2014 Final Call For Presentations

Ruxcon is a computer security conference that aims to bring together the best and the brightest security talent within the Aus-Pacific region. The conference is a mixture of live presentations, activities and demonstrations presented...

subject 9 8

[Ended]Subject 9 Steam Key Giveaway

Sorry This giveaway have ended Subscribe to our feed for future giveaways Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Set in the distance future- the game is about a human bio weapon, Subject 9;...