Command-line switches to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 problems

Pinpointing the source of problems in Outlook 2010 can be tough, but there are some command-line switches that help identify and repair the Outlook problems admins deal with on a daily basis. Since Microsoft Outlook 2000, administrators have had the option to start Outlook with a variety of command-line switches that are appended to the […]

Tuesday’s security updates

Fedora has updated nip2 (F15;F14: privilege escalation), vips (F15; F14:privilege escalation), thunderbird (F15; F14:multiple vulnerabilities), thunderbird-lightning (F15; F14:multiple vulnerabilities), F14: firefox(multiple vulnerabilities), F14:gnome-python2-extras (multiple vulnerabilities), F14: perl-Gtk2-MozEmbed (multiplevulnerabilities), F14: xulrunner (multiplevulnerabilities), F14: mozvoikko (multiplevulnerabilities), F14: galeon (multiplevulnerabilities), F14: gnome-web-photo(multiple vulnerabilities), F14: kernel(multiple vulnerabilities), and F14: gimp(heap corruption).openSUSE has updated mozilla-nss(multiple vulnerabilities). Red Hat has updated […]

60 Open Source Tools for Protecting Your Privacy

“However, in reality, many ordinary, law-abiding citizens are (justifiably) much more worried about online privacy than these famous executives are. Many individuals and organizations are concerned about a variety of threats: oppressive government regimes, hackers bent on stealing their personal information and corporate marketers who want to track their every move. “Fortunately, the open source […]