Social Psychology Ch. 1 Review

Chapter Outline Characterizing Social Psychology Explaining Behavior Comparing Social Psychology with Related Disciplines The Power of the Situation The Milgram Experiment Seminarians as Samaritans The Fundamental Attribution Error Channel Factors The Role of Construal Interpreting Reality Schemas Stereotypes Automatic versus Controlled Processing Types of Unconscious Processing Functions of Unconscious Processing Evolution and Human Behavior: How […]

C++: Quadratic Equation Solver

This little program I wrote for class, written in C++ it takes 3 inputs for a, b, and c and gives you the roots of the quadratic equation, pretty simple stuff. here you go … any feedback will be appreciated. [code language=”cpp” wraplines=”true” smarttabs=”true” tabsize=”4″] #include <iostream> // used for input & output #include <cstdlib> […]

Games Offer in-app Purchases, will no longer be called free

    Google has agreed to add safeguards around games in-app purchases to make sure that children won’t accumulate unwanted charges on their parents’ credit cards. This changes came from the request of the European Commission, which has been investigating the ongoing issue of unwanted in-app purchases and is today laying out a series of guidelines that […]

Ruxcon 2014 Final Call For Presentations

Ruxcon is a computer security conference that aims to bring together the best and the brightest security talent within the Aus-Pacific region. The conference is a mixture of live presentations, activities and demonstrations presented by security experts from the Aus-Pacific region and invited guests from around the world. Ruxcon is widely regarded as a leading […]