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Reset Chrome Settings to default.

Sometime installing a free program, screen saver, extension or even a toolbar, can modify the chrome defaults or your own customized settings without your consent or knowledge. They can replace the default search engine,...

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Hola Unblocker: Enjoy Any Site from Any Country

Have you ever tried to access a website or an app and it tells you that "Its not available in your country". Well I know it happened to me and it sucks. Hola Unblocker is...

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How to act during earthquake

Earthquake safety is not something that has been brought up enough lately. In fact, we might have taken the calm conditions of the California soil for granted. But just to make sure I did...

[شرح] إختيآر أفضل سيرفر في Ubuntu 9.10 0

[شرح] إختيآر أفضل سيرفر في Ubuntu 9.10

هذآ شرح بسيط لطريقة إختيآر أفضل سيرفر علىآ حسب قربهـ منك وللعلم يوجد حوآلي 300 سيرفر في Ubuntu


Switch to the Classic Google Search Interface on a Tablet

Google's search interface for tablets is great, but it lacks some of the features from the regular interface. One of the most important missing features is the link to the cached search results. Sometimes...

Command-line switches to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 problems 1

Command-line switches to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 problems

Pinpointing the source of problems in Outlook 2010 can be tough, but there are some command-line switches that help identify and repair the Outlook problems admins deal with on a daily basis. Since Microsoft...