Reset Chrome Settings to default.

Sometime installing a free program, screen saver, extension or even a toolbar, can modify the chrome defaults or your own customized settings without your consent or knowledge. They can replace the default search engine, homepage, and even track your online presence. which some people may find it as privacy concern. Anyway, here is the way […]

Switch to the Classic Google Search Interface on a Tablet

Google’s search interface for tablets is great, but it lacks some of the features from the regular interface. One of the most important missing features is the link to the cached search results. Sometimes a site goes down, a page changes a lot or redirects you to a stripped-down mobile interface and Google’s cache is […]

Command-line switches to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 problems

Pinpointing the source of problems in Outlook 2010 can be tough, but there are some command-line switches that help identify and repair the Outlook problems admins deal with on a daily basis. Since Microsoft Outlook 2000, administrators have had the option to start Outlook with a variety of command-line switches that are appended to the […]