· Correct Answer is highlighted in Bold. · 1. Choose the listing that shows the rocks in increasing degrees of metamorphism (from lower- to higher-grade). o Topic: n/a o a. migmatite, metaconglomerate, gneiss with mica, gneiss without mica o b. metaconglomerate, gneiss with mica, gneiss without mica, migmatite o c. metaconglomerate, gneiss with no mica, […]

This Guy Plays Tekken Using a Piano as a Controller, Attains the Rank of “Huge Badass”

[vimeo url=”″] Heyho, This is the final product of my project for interaction design. Took the whole semester, to get this to work but it was worth it. How it works: The piano sends a Midi-Signal, which is transferred to an arduino. According to the signals, the arduino triggers transistors, which then trigger inputs on […]

Geology Review CH. 6 & 14

Have a test tomorrow for Geology, and thought to share my review questions here. these are chapter 6 only     ·         Wrong Answer is highlighted in Red. ·         Correct Answer is highlighted in Green ·         1. Sedimentary rocks can form o    Topic: n/a o    a. by precipitation of minerals from water solution. o    b. by the […]

Review question for COMM 1

Book: Public Speaking – An audience-Centered Approach by Steven A. Beebe – Susan J. Beebe 4th Edition Good Luck everyone. Question 1 2 out of 2 points As United Nations representatives, Shanthy and Miles were determined to establish an early warning system for tsunami threats. They had personally seen the devastation to their homeland of […]