Earthquake safety is not something that has been brought up enough lately. In fact, we might have taken the calm conditions of the California soil for granted. But just to make sure I did my part of trying to make you all just a little bit safer, I have written some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you and your loved ones make the right decisions before, during, and after and earthquake occurs.

Shaking earthquake

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Pre-Earthquake Steps

·         Gather Supplies

o   Food
o   Water
o   Batteries
o   Flashlight
o   First Aid Kit
o   Gun(Post Earthquake protection from supply thieves)
o   Emergency cell phone
o   Backup power supply generator
o   Matches

·         In Home Protection Steps

o   Bolt heavy furniture to walls
o   Secure cabinet doors
o   Secure and strap water heater for stability
o   Know how to shut off water and gas in home
o   Make sure fire extinguisher is available
o   Inform family members of changes and safe spots in the home
o   Insure your home for earthquake and or fire damages that might be caused by the disaster

·         During the Earthquake

o   Stay calm
o   Stay inside and avoid doorways
o   Take cover under desk, table or reliable furniture
o   Avoid windows and kitchen appliances
o   If  outside, stay in an open spot where nothing can fall on you

·         After the Earthquake

o   Treat all items at home with caution for gas leaks or electric problems
o   Call authorities, family members, or friends to inform them of your situation
o   Ration supplies carefully
o   Display a strong sense of authority, keep a calm personality.

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