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I have been a freelance web builder since 2007, and recently began web design services. I have the proper experience that meets the exact needs for your website. I have various skills and knowledge that do not restrict me to one particular part of building a website and I am outstanding in other branches of technology. You will notice that other freelancer or companies claim to excel in some services while lacking the skill in other part of their services such as trouble shooting, back ups, maintenance, and security. I assure you that this will not be the case with me that put me ahead of other.

How we build your site:

1. Gathering information for your site
 -You send me all the information, media, videos, and social networking sites and blogs you are associated with so that I may properly arrange them on your site as well as connect your followers from those networks to your website

2. Set you up with the best possible hosting provider that meets the particular needs of you site
 -Research hosting providers
 -Comparing features, prices, performance, and support

3. Choosing a Script
 -Comparing features, templates, user interface

4. Designing
 -We provide standard and professional looking designs as to not distract the clients from the  purpose of your intended services

5. SEO
– Making sure that you site is accessible through search engines, through search engine optimization.

6. Monthly Maintenance
-Upgrades, security patches, 

Feel free to check my previous client’s site at:  Dynami CoutureDynami Cuisine

Contact Me at: Mouath@mouath.com

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