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This is how you censor naked models.

How to Censor the Promiscuously Dressed Model on GTA V Cover Art

[شرح] إختيآر أفضل سيرفر في Ubuntu 9.10 0

[شرح] إختيآر أفضل سيرفر في Ubuntu 9.10

هذآ شرح بسيط لطريقة إختيآر أفضل سيرفر علىآ حسب قربهـ منك وللعلم يوجد حوآلي 300 سيرفر في Ubuntu

I'm a FreeLancer. Hire Me! 0

I'm a FreeLancer. Hire Me!

I have been a freelance web builder since 2007, and recently began web design services. I have the proper experience that meets the exact needs for your website. I have various skills and knowledge...


iPhone App for Blogger

Blogger has an app for iPhone and it's better than the corresponding Android app, which has improved a lot in the past months. Both apps let you edit your existing posts and create new...


Offline Google Calendar

As previously announced, Google Calendar's offline mode started to be rolled out and some of you can already use it. Just like the offline Gmail, Google Calendar only works in Google Chrome and requires...


Switch to the Classic Google Search Interface on a Tablet

Google's search interface for tablets is great, but it lacks some of the features from the regular interface. One of the most important missing features is the link to the cached search results. Sometimes...

Command-line switches to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 problems 1

Command-line switches to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 problems

Pinpointing the source of problems in Outlook 2010 can be tough, but there are some command-line switches that help identify and repair the Outlook problems admins deal with on a daily basis. Since Microsoft...

Tuesday's security updates 0

Tuesday's security updates

Fedora has updated nip2 (F15;F14: privilege escalation), vips (F15; F14:privilege escalation), thunderbird (F15; F14:multiple vulnerabilities), thunderbird-lightning (F15; F14:multiple vulnerabilities), F14: firefox(multiple vulnerabilities), F14:gnome-python2-extras (multiple vulnerabilities), F14: perl-Gtk2-MozEmbed (multiplevulnerabilities), F14: xulrunner (multiplevulnerabilities), F14: mozvoikko (multiplevulnerabilities),...

60 Open Source Tools for Protecting Your Privacy 0

60 Open Source Tools for Protecting Your Privacy

"However, in reality, many ordinary, law-abiding citizens are (justifiably) much more worried about online privacy than these famous executives are. Many individuals and organizations are concerned about a variety of threats: oppressive government regimes,...