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Sometime installing a free program, screen saver, extension or even a toolbar, can modify the chrome defaults or your own customized settings without your consent or knowledge.

They can replace the default search engine, homepage, and even track your online presence. which some people may find it as privacy concern.

Anyway, here is the way to reset all unwanted settings and bring chrome back to its default settings.

Just follow this simple steps. which are also illustrated below:

  1. Click on the “Chrome Menu icon” on the toolbar.
  2. From the menu click on “settings”.
  3. Scroll all way down and click on “Show advanced settings…”.
  4. Scroll more down till the bottom, then click on “Restore browser settings” bottom.
  5. Finally click the “reset” bottom, and you’re good to go.

Steps are illustrated below:

Be noted that these changes will occur when you reset your settings.

  • Default search engine and saved search engines will be reset and to their original defaults.
  • Homepage button will be hidden and the URL that you previously set will be removed.
  • Default startup tabs will be cleared. The browser will show a new tab when you startup or continue where you left off if you’re on a Chromebook.
  • New Tab page will be empty unless you have a version of Chrome with an extension that controls it. In that case your page may be preserved.
  • Pinned tabs will be unpinned.
  • Content settings will be cleared and reset to their installation defaults.
  • Cookies and site data will be cleared.
  • Extensions and themes will be disabled.

Enjoy your surfing 🙂

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