Tuesday’s security updates

Fedora has updated nip2 (F15;
F14: privilege escalation), vips (F15; F14:
privilege escalation), thunderbird (F15; F14:
multiple vulnerabilities), thunderbird-lightning (F15; F14:
multiple vulnerabilities), F14: firefox
(multiple vulnerabilities), F14:
(multiple vulnerabilities), F14: perl-Gtk2-MozEmbed (multiple
vulnerabilities), F14: xulrunner (multiple
vulnerabilities), F14: mozvoikko (multiple
vulnerabilities), F14: galeon (multiple
vulnerabilities), F14: gnome-web-photo
(multiple vulnerabilities), F14: kernel
(multiple vulnerabilities), and F14: gimp
(heap corruption).
openSUSE has updated mozilla-nss
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated kernel (multiple
vulnerabilities), system-config-printer
(arbitrary code execution), and libvirt
(denial of service).

Scientific Linux has updated sssd
(denial of service) and system-config-printer (arbitrary code

SUSE has updated glibc, pam-modules,
libxcrypt, pwdutils
(crackable password hashing).

Ubuntu has updated webkit (multiple
vulnerabilities) and ecryptfs (denial of

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